The uncertainty is over Hinkley C is beginning to have an impact on the local political landscape.

With the Conservative MPs still convinced the project will go ahead there appears to have been a change of heart in the Labour group. The Bridgwater parliamentary candidate in the last election has cast doubt over the wisdom of putting the project in the hands of the French with help from the Chinese.

He told the Bridgwater Mercury about his concerns over the way things have panned out this year with the: “Chinese are apparently attending meetings at the French Embassy in China trying to persuade EDF and the French Government to reach the final investment decision and get on with the project.”

He said: “The rising costs of the Hinkley project and the fear of not completing the build within the timescale and the possible downturn in China’s economy; suggests there needs to be a rethink by the British Government as to how to fund the growing demand for cleaner energy, while making sure that the ‘lights stay on’, now needs further discussion.

“Major infrastructure projects should be in the control of the British government and the Government could issue Bonds for investors. The Government could then raise the necessary funding for infrastructure projects, such as Hinkley C. The government would then be in control of the Nuclear Generator development and would decide on which companies would build the new generation of reactors and who would manage the new stations.”

UKIP’s candidate in the General Election last May Stephen Fitzgerald who pushed Labour into second was also worried about the latest developments. In an interview with the Mercury he insisted the money from EDF should be used to build start-up businesses in West Somerset while there was still time. He felt it would be disaster if seemed possible the FID didn’t happen and agreed the Government had put all their energy eggs in one basket.

Molly Scott Cato for the Green Party has been calling for a plan B which she says is a fully costed program of renewable energy projects costing less than Hinkley. It would feature tidal lagoons, wind and solar farms and insulating homes and businesses that currently waste energy. Plus it could be started immediately.

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