A SMALL group of anti-nuclear campaigners from Somerset scaled the walls of Cannington Court on Monday morning to occupy EDF’s training campus.

It was a protest against the proposed Hinkley C nuclear power plant near Bridgwater, Somerset.

Activist Theo said it was a peaceful demonstration and although they did not enter the offices, they did blockade the entrance and enter the grounds by a ladder. Police were on hand he said but there was no confrontation although EDF had closed the offices ahead of the action as a precaution and put on extra security. However EDF said there were no courses planned on the day so it was "a quiet day at the office," and it did no disrupt the working day of the campus. They also contested the numbers of protestors saying very few attended and there were no arrests.

Nikki Clarke from Bridgwater who took part in the demo said: "Pressure on EDF to abandon it’s EPR programme is mounting in France. On Friday, Greenpeace France took action against the transport of a faulty reactor, and called for an end to public subsidies. We call on the people of Britain and France to say non merci to Hinkley C and to come together to create the renewable energy revolution that we all know is necessary to combat climate change."

The protestors left the campus after an hour, and moved on to a demonstration at King Square in Bridgwater where 50 people took part in a protest against nuclear energy.