IT was a day of celebration for Bridgwater postal workers, as formerly dismissed postman Andrew Mootoo has been reinstated.

The victory comes after around 80 delivery postmen walked out of Bridgwater Royal Mail Delivery Office on Wednesday November 11, following a lengthy battle over the company's refusal to let Andrew come back to work.

Andrew is a postman who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and is also profoundly deaf.

He had been unable to work due to his condition diagnosis more than two years ago and allegedly, Andrew had been waiting so long for Royal Mail to support his return to work that his pay has been stopped and he has to rely on benefits.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) claim that Royal Mail then tried to sack him.

Despite this, Royal Mail confirmed on Wednesday 10 February that they have reinstated Andrew, who will start back to work on a part-time desk-based computer job on Monday February 15.

Mr Mootoo said: "After all this time I didn't expect, suddenly, to find Royal Mail positive about my return to work.

"I want to say a big thank you to all Bridgwater CWU members who went on strike for me- that was crucial.

"I cannot believe I have been waiting for two years and one month to return to work.

"I call it the longest Road to CWU victory- I am so proud of our militant history here at Bridgwater."

The day after the reinstatement was confirmed, a gate meeting was held, with Andrew and his wife present, to celebrate what the Communication Workers' Union see as a remarkable victory.

Dave Chapple is one of two Bridgwater CWU Reps still under threat of dismissal for their part in the November illegal walkout.

He said: "I have been a union rep for a long time and this is by far the sweetest victory.

"Monday will finalise the victory that should be celebrated as a victory for disabled workers everywhere.

"How many other workplaces would have held a near-unanimous walkout to support someone who hadn't been at work for nearly two years?

"The unavoidable fact is that Royal Mail's preferred option was always compulsory transfer out of Bridgwater, or ill health retirement.

"The most ignorant and prejudiced Royal Mail managers we met, genuinely felt that the dole was the only long-term option.

"Andrew is brilliant- he goes to the gym, plays wheel chair tennis and is truly making the best of things."

A Royal Mail spokesperson said that the business was pleased to confirm that Mr. Mootoo would return to work next week.