Who'd a Thought it! I never dreamed I would see the day when a British Conservative government, opened the door and welcomed in a Chinese State Communist government

into the centre of Britain’s Financial Systems and Nuclear Power Industry.

Not only this, but as the German Commissioner investigating the Hinkley Point deal, uttered, “this is a soviet style deal!”

Yes, our government is going to force British citizens and businesses to pay double the present price for our electricity for 35 years, in order to guarantee

huge profits for the Chinese Banks and the French government’s electricity industry, as they attempt to build a failed reactor design that no other country in the world wants.

Osborne and Cameron should be aware of the serious diplomatic and security consequences of becoming too close to the Chinese Communist State government.

America will not be keen on a Chinese company that builds nuclear bombs at the heart of the nuclear power station building in the UK.

Japanese companies embarking on building their nuclear reactors here, have to be convinced that the Chinese design of reactors will not be short tracked to speed up

their assessment approval ahead of the Japanese designs.

The prospect of China supplying the design, parts and workers to build a nuclear plant at Bradwell, is very worrying to the building trade unions, as well as the local population there.

It seems that the declining nuclear industry is forcing our pro-nuclear politicians into communist style ways of working to achieve their virtual, fantasy, nuclear dreams!

Allan Jeffery, Bridgwater,