With four carnivals down and three to go the Gremlins with Lights, Camera, Action, are going head to head with the Marketeers and their Noah cart for the season’s laurels.

On the streets of North Petherton on Saturday night the two power house clubs once again hit the high notes and wowed the crowds and the judges on wind swept but largely dry night.

The town’s clubs also picked up gold as the Toppers won out in the Class 4 Feature Cart Local section and Pentathlon scooped the honours in Class 2 Tableau Cart Local. Both were a credit to the town adding huge amounts of creativity to the night with an icy offering from the Toppers who beat off the lively challenge from the Westonzoyland club’s Vikings with their stunning production featuring polar bears. Pentathlon’s cart was also an inspirational production using huge movement of pirates and buccaneers and striking a chord with younger children with their glowing pirate swords bought on the night.

Huckyduck CC came out on top in the Tableau Open Cart section with Gatsby, with the Gemini CC pushing them close with the ill-fated expedition of Captain Scott’s polar expedition. Gremlins Hollywood inspired production seems to grab top spot in part to brilliant characterisation, costumes and an overall artistic vision. Noah from Marketeers is close behind them and Harlequin’s story from Around the World in 40 Days called Fogg’s world Tour is another stunning cart loved by the crowds.

And the masqueraders and walking entries should not be overlooked with the junior section led by the highly impressive Somerset Sapphire Majorettes who added glamour and movement in the windswept streets. It was also another good night for The Academy of Carnival, and Sister Michael, who zoomed around the streets in a vision of electric blue as the eccentric nun in the section for disabled entries, and A & ACC and i-Robot again picked up top spot in the single entry masquerade class.

One of the most popular entries was in the comic section was the chaps from the Newmarket Hotel in Bridgwater and Oh What a Beauty – which sort of summed up the night.

The Results for North Petherton Carnival

Class 1 - Tableau Cart Open 1 Huckyduck CC, Gatsby; 2 Gemini CC, Scott’s Terra Nova; 3 King William CC, Waterloo; 4 Wills CC, The Secret Creed.

Class 2 - Tableau Cart Local 1 Pentathlon CC, What Lies Beneath.

Class 3 - Feature Cart Open 1 Gremlins CC, Lights, Camera, Action; 2 Harlequin CC, Fogg’s World Tour; 3 Marketeers CC, Noah; 4 Maqueraders CC, Festival of the Dragon.

Class 4 - Feature Cart Local 1 Toppers CC, Ice Bound; Westonzoyland CC, Vikings.

Class 5 - Comic Feature Cart: 1 Newmarket CC, Oh What a Beauty; 2 Cary Comedians CC, Carnival Queen; 3 Nunsford Nutters CC, Gone Fishin’; 4 2 Rs CC, Monster Mash.

Class 7 - Groups of Masqueraders Adult 1 Xtreme CC, Salute; 2 Vagabonds CC, Parade of Ali; Wilfs CC, 2000 Leagues Under The Sea; 4 Bridgwater Belles Dance and Carnival Team, Way Out West.

Class 8 - Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile 1 Somerset Sapphire Majorettes, Samba Brazil; 2 Crusaders Cubs, Happy Birthday.

Class 9 - Groups Masqueraders (three to seven) 1 Smandy’s CC, Dia De Los Muertos; 2 Fantasy CC, Witches from the West.

Class 10 - Pairs 1 Dee Gees CC, Scarecrow Rebellion; 2 Samvantra Juniors, Mexica; 3 Jiggle CC, Invasion; Cousins CC, Flying Saucers.

Class 11 – Single Masquerader Adult 1 A & ACC, i Robot; 2 Jacks CC/Simon Jackson, Ride to Rio; 3 Jeanette Plummer, The Tailor of Gloucester; 4 Academy of Carnival, Stars of the Silver Screen.

Class 12 – Single Masquerader Juvenile 1 Carina Haines, Czarevna’s Glacial Odyssey; 2 Rio Welsh, Draco Lanista; 3 Lottry wheeler, Robin Hood; 4 Izzy Wheeler, and Whoosh they were gone.

Class 15 – Entries with Disabilities 1 The Academy of Carnival, Sister Michael; 2 Chipmunks CC, Alvinn and the Chipmunks.

Class 13 - Bill Coggins Cup – Towing Vehicles 1 Gremlins CC; 2 Marketeers CC; 3 Harlequin CC; 4 Masqueraders.

Class 14 – Ivor Radford Trophy – Vehicle Driver 1 Marketeers; 2 Pentathlon; 3 Gremlins; 4 Huckyduck.