As thousands of people crammed into the High Street following the procession Chris Hocking on his loud speaker reminded people that they were there at their own risk for the squibbing.

There seemed in fact too many people with a real crush developing especially where a food stall had been set up near the Mansion House pub creating a pinch point on the pavement.

“Marshalls, remove the peddlers from the road,” he commanded, “clear the road as the squibbers come through.”

At around 11pm finally the crush of bodies made way for a large recovery truck to come down the High Street followed by about 170 squibbers with their squibs covering a stretch from Cornhill to Lamb Lane. Wearing eye protection and hard hats and robust jackets the squibbers were announced by Mr Hocking of the carnival organisation club by club with British Flag having a large contingent.

Once assembled a claxon was sounded to prepare for the lighting as tension mounted. Then it began: with sudden burst of bright sparks from each squib which quickly turned into a wall of light. The loud hissing sound of the lighted squibs and the soft fragrance of fireworks filled the air along with cloud of white smoke. For a minute the whole High Street was sea of white heat and light. A breath-taking spectacle.

As the fireworks began to go out Chris Hocking shouted into his microphone: “Brilliant! A big round of applause for the squibbers and we look forward to welcoming you back here for the carnival on Saturday, November the fifth next year.”