At last it's here: Bridgwater's amazing Guy Fawkes Carnival 2015. The last light bulbs have been screwed into place, the last nails have been hammered into place and the performers have been rehearsing night after night.

Across the town and in villages and communities across Somerset has come the sound of preparations as the carnival clubs have worked feverishly to ensure it's a a huge success.

Speaking to The Mercury the president of the carnival Rita Jones said she felt enormous pride in welcoming visitors to the town for the event.

She has worked tirelessly over the last few weeks helping to promote the procession but also all the associated events. There's the Carnival Centre by the Town Hall which Rita has brought to life with her colleagues to display some amazing old photos of carnivals from the past and costumes dating back decades.

On the night the organisers appeal to the public for financial support so dig deep and make sure you give lots of money to the charity collectors. At least £1 per person will go along way but more would be appreciated for such a spectacular show.

Every year the Carnival Concerts in October start the countdown to the procession with two weeks of West End style entertainment where all the clubs put on a show.

Schools have embraced the season this year with mask making, lantern and cart construction, a writing competition and the mass dance display amongst many other activities.

The night before is not to be missed: with a lantern parade and a firework display that will get the party started.

So check out the route, find your spot and above all arrive early for the spectacular night this Saturday that is The Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival.