ANGRY ambulance crewmembers have blasted Bridgwater vandals who could have "cost somebody their life" after they put an emergency vehicle out of action for hours.

Last Friday (March 30) Bridgwater ambulance station staff were shocked to discover that a rock had been thrown through the windscreen of a front line vehicle.

The damage was found in the early hours of the morning after operational staff heard a noise, which turned out to be a brick hitting and smashing the window of the vehicle.

Technician Nigel Lilly had been due to be onboard the ambulance that evening and told the Mercury more about what had happened.

"Although there were other operational staff on station, we were the only crew based on a front line ambulance which was capable of conveying a patient to hospital," he revealed.

"The consequences of what would have happened if we had been called to a patient with a life threatening complaint are all too clear.

"Myself and my crewmate Leonie German were anxious for our safety because we didn't know why the rock had been thrown or which direction it came from.

"We are also angry that anyone could damage a vehicle with such blatant disregard, without a slight consideration for the knock-on effects."

Police were advised of the situation and crews were able to be booked onto another vehicle to carry out their duties.

But the ambulance service has admitted how furious it was that such an important resource had to be taken off the road after the vandalism.

Control duty manager Deb Saunders, who is based at Trust Headquarters in Exeter, was informed shortly after the crew discovered that the vehicle was damaged.

"This careless incident could have cost somebody their life and also put the ambulance crew's safety in jeopardy," she said.

"I sincerely hope that the perpetrator is caught and is informed of the danger and disruption that this moment of madness has caused."

Anyone who can help police with their inquiries should call Crimestoppers on 0800-555111.