STAFF at Secret World in East Huntspill said goodbye to one of their Christmas residents at the weekend as they a deer who had been injured back into the wild.

The animal, named Bramble, had been struck by a car during the festive season and was rendered temporarily blind following the incident. 

However after a successful rehabilitation over Christmas she was released back into her natural habitat at Langport last Friday. 

However while staff were saying goodbye to one guest they continue to get more of the prickly kind coming to stay as more and more hedgehogs are brought in to the centre.

Volunteers have seen a rise in the number of hedgehog babes brought in this year -  a result of the mild autumn.

Pauline Kidner, of Secret World, said: “We have seen more hedgehogs come into us this year because the breeding season went on for longer.

“Then when the weather turns if the babies aren’t at the right weight the mother needs to abandon them so she can survive herself." 

The hedgehog orphans are put through a feeding protocol at the centre to get them up to a healthy weight and are then housed in the “hedgehog hotel” where they can further acclimatise to the weather.

Eventually the hoglets will be released back into the wild when the weather is warm enough.

Pauline continued: “Anyone who has a hedgehog babe in their garden can help them by leaving cat food or cat biscuits out.

“However if they are seen during the day the hedgehog is most likely poorly so we would advise them to bring the it in.”