A MOTHER of five has said she is afraid to have her family visit her council home because it has been overcome by mould.

Marian Hughes, 49, says she first complained of a mould problem at her home in Sydenham Road to Homes in Sedgemoor in 2012, but is still fighting to get the problem fixed.

She said: “I’ve redecorated twice, and thrown away carpets and curtains due to the mould, but that doesn’t solve the problem. It just keeps coming back.

“I’ve had a bad cough for over 12 months and I’m wondering if it’s related to the mould.

“I can’t have my family stay because I’m worried it’s a health concern.”

Mrs Hughes said after she first complained builders visited, but she says they only plugged a few holes in her roof and didn’t fix the main problem.

A Homes in Sedgemoor spokesman said: “We were made aware of a roof leak and general damp in the property in October, 2013.

“Repairs to the roof were completed, but further problems occurred that were finally fixed in April.

“We’re not aware of further water leaks in the property and have agreed to complete internal decoration to the property once Mrs Hughes allows us access.

“Mrs Hughes has also been provided with advice on heating and ventilating the property to reduce the issues of damp in the home.”

The spokesman said Homes in Sedgemoor is not aware of a complaint in 2012 about the state of Mrs Hughes’ home.