CHILDREN leapt high into the air during a fundraiser for a five-year-old girl hoping to walk for the first time.

Jessica Avery, from Pawlett, was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which means her brain sends out incorrect messages to the nerves which control her muscles, making it difficult for her to move and walk.

Her parents, Kate and Simon Avery, have launched a Jump for Jessica campaign to raise funds so their daughter can undergo an operation in America which would enable Jessica to walk on her own.

The first campaign event was held on Sunday at the Quayside Trampoline and Gymnastics Club in Bridgwater, where children got on the trampolines and jumped for Jessica.

Kate said: “Everybody had a lovely time and it brought families together. Because it was the bank holiday weekend, we had parents and grandparents come with the children.

“It’s absolutely mind-blowing for us as a family. Jessica is a fun-loving child and we are not a glum family.

“We just want the best for Jessica and to help her fulfil her potential by helping her stand on her own two feet.”

In total, 35 children raised sponsorship money prior to their jump and each child was awarded a certificate at the end, thanking them for taking part.

Sponsorship money is still being collected, but the first ten children to hand in their sponsorship to Kate have already taken the total to £650.

The entire Help Jessica Walk campaign has raised more than £18,000 so far, including an anonymous donation from Europe of €10,000.

Anybody wishing to help Jessica can find out more online at Kate added: “We would like to extend the Jump for Jessica campaign out further so if anyone can run an event, or take on a challenge to Jump for Jessica please get in contact via the contact form on the website.”