A REDEDICATION service is to be held at Wembdon Road Cemetery in memory of former mayor William Thomas Holland.

The service will take place on April 2 at 2.30pm and will celebrate the restoration of Mr Holland's original memorial.

Miles Peterson, chairman of the Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery, said Mr Holland's original memorial, a marble slab, was discovered by accident recently while the Friends were clearing brambles.

He said: “The impressive stone had sunk quite severely down one side, almost as if it had tipped over, but the marble block itself otherwise looked as new as the day it had been carved.

“We are very lucky this fine memorial was handsomely restored through the generous benevolence of ward councillor Gill Slocombe, in recognition of the importance Holland played in the history of our town.

“The work was carried out by Fine Memorials of Bridgwater, who have been so very supportive of the Friends works to date.

“The restored memorial, like the town bridge, which is also to undergo restoration, will last for many generations to come, preserving the memory of Holland and our proud Victorian heritage.”