RESIDENTS who have been affected by the flooding will receive relief from paying the policing part of the council tax.

Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens has joined councils in Somerset to ensure communities suffering in the devastating floods receive council tax relief.

She said: “It’s impossible to imagine the distress and upset felt by the residents whose lives have been changed by the flooding. Leaving your home or staying in a flooded property is no easy choice.”

Ms Mountstevens is planning to set aside approximately £22,000 towards the council tax bills of residents who have been affected by flooding.

She added: “Despite the ongoing visible strength and resilience of the residents I am anxious to do whatever I can to help rebuild the lives of those whose homes have been shattered by the devastating effects of the floods. This is just one small way I can offer support.”

Eligibility will be exactly the same as the local authority council tax relief scheme for flooded homes. This includes a 100% Council Tax discount for the six months up to the end of June this year for households who have had to evacuate or move upstairs in their flooded homes.

In addition the 100% relief would apply for three months for those whose homes have been cut off by floods but have not been under water.

Other properties on the Levels or other severely flooded areas might also be eligible for discounts depending on their individual circumstances and they would need to contact their local authority with individual requests.

The district and borough councils are responsible for collecting council tax on behalf of Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner and eligibility for the scheme will be decided by them.