AN action group to help Somerset flood victims says it has been ‘overwhelmed’ by people’s support.

Bryony Sadler, of the Flooding on the Levels Action Group (FLAG), says it has been working with the people who are putting together a six-week plan which will be sent to Environment Secretary Owen Paterson.

Bryony’s home and smallholding near Stoke St Gregory, and her car were flooded six weeks ago.

Her mobile hairdressing business was ruined, and her husband, two children and their grandma are living in rental homes week by week just to have a roof over their heads.

She said: “It has been absolutely distressing.

“But we have been blown away by the support and are eternally grateful for everything that has been done, from food to massive hay bails.

“We have enough supplies now but if people still want to donate, they can send money to the Somerset Community Fund.

“Somerset County Council are picking up the supplies and the experts are coming in to take over, we will still be in the background though.”

Bryony said she hoped the Government does not forget about Somerset amid floods on the River Thames adding: “Somerset produces 12% of the UK’s food source so if you don’t look after the source then it will affect the food on the dining room table.”

o VOLUNTEERS from FLAG have been coordinating relief efforts across the area.

As well as filling sandbags and carrying out vital flood prevention duties, they have also helped introduce pontoons at Burrowbridge, which are being used to transport sandbags to build or strengthen flood barriers around properties, and to move cars to dry land before they are destroyed by floodwater.