A BANK is being built at Huntworth to protect more than 1,000 homes on the outskirts of Bridgwater from flooding.

Diggers are constructing a temporary earth flood bank at right angles to the River Parrett, the railway and the canal just south of Huntworth village.

The Environment Agency is stressing that this is a precautionary measure and there is no immediate risk of flooding in Bridgwater.

The plan is this will help hold back any floodwater that may come down the system from Northmoor.

New pumps are being placed at New House Farm on Huntworth Lane which will remove the floodwater should it start collecting behind the new flood bank.

Temporary defences and pumps are still being built to protect homes in Moorland but some of these are now being overwhelmed, with the drain level at Northmoor pumping station rising by about 2mm an hour.