A FIRM hoping to build a 77-metre wind turbine near Cannington has withdrawn the scheme after two environmental groups raised fears birds could be affected.

However, Wind Direct says it remains committed to building a single 500KW turbine at Castle Hill Quarry and will resubmit its application once it has had time to address those concerns.

Sedgemoor District Council had been expected to make a decision on the scheme this week, but it was drawn after the RSPB and Natural England raised concerns about the impact on birds using the nearby Severn Estuary Special Protection Area.

John Dupre, Wind Direct development manager, said: “We have undertaken extensive survey work which demonstrated that the likelihood of any significant impacts on birds is very low, however we take the views of the RSPB and Natural England very seriously and intend to work with them closely to address their concerns.

“Provided the issues can be resolved we intend to resubmit our application as soon as possible to ensure the very real benefits of this proposal can be realised.”

Paul Billing, of Cannington, who is among those villagers opposed to the project, welcomed Wind Direct's decision to withdraw the plans as a “victory for common sense”.

He said the company had not provided enough information about the effect the turbine would have on birds.

Wind Direct says the turbine will provide the quarry with a direct source of low carbon energy, producing the equivalent amount of electricity used by 224 homes.