THE Somerset Rebels' 54-39 victory over the Leicester Lions at the Oaktree Arena last night was more than sufficient to see them qualify for the Premier League Championship Final.

Jason Doyle got off to a lightening start to win heat one in a tied opener but Kyle Newman helped to put the Rebels in front as he crossed the line first in heat two.

Jesper Monberg and Claus Vissing got in on the action in heats three and four to give the Rebels a 14-10 lead.

The match was a tight affair and after eight heats only four points separated the two teams, 26-22.

But the turning point saw maximum wins in heats nine and ten as Monberg and James Wright, and then Doule and Alex Davies put the Rebels 36-24 up.

Leicester closed the gap with a 7-2 win after a tactical ride in heat 11 but the match was well and truly sealed with 5-1 wins for the Rebels in the final two heats, as Wright and Newman, and then Davies and Doyle ended the meeting in spectacular fashion.

They still have the wait for fixtures to be completed in the other semi-final group before they know their opposition in the two-leg Final.

Promotor Debbie Hancock said: “Although Leicester pegged us back during the first half of the meeting, but despite us not really getting a foothold in those early heats, our overall strength came to the fore in the latter stages to see us through to the Championship Final.

“Given the amount of rain we've had here in recent days as well as on the morning of the match itself, I thought the standard of racing was excellent but although Leicester made it difficult for us, the boys were not to be denied tonight and so it proved.

“We now have to wait and see who we will be facing in the final, but whoever that turns out to be, I am sure that the final will produce two great matches for the fans to enjoy, and with the Rebels also in the League Cup Final, as I said last week, these are certainly exciting times for everyone at the Oaktree Arena.”