THE Rebels turned in two performances of the highest order in their double-header meetings on Friday and Sunday night against Newcastle to claim wins in their Play-Off group match and League Cup semi-final.

After beating the Diamonds 53-37 at the Oaktree Arena in the Play-Offs, giving them three points, they lost at Newcastle 48-44 but it was enough to give them a league point and top the group.

In the League Cup semis, they beat Newcastle 50-40 at the Oaktree Arena on Friday and despite losing again in Newcastle on Sunday 46-43 they held on for the win on aggregate, claiming a 93-86 victory.

Both matches followed a similar pattern with Newcastle making the initial headway, but unable to break themselves free of the Somerset shackles and totally dominate proceedings.

Leicester are due to visit the Oaktree Arena for the second home match in the Play-Off group this Friday (October 5), as they hope to remain in contention for the 2012 Premier League Championship Grand Final against the winners of the other three-team group.