Regional League 3 South
Sydenham Gems 52, Camborne Storm 67

GEMS faced their first home game of the season on Saturday against Storm, who had travelled from Camborne in Cornwall.

Gems started quickly and actually turned over Storm’s first centre pass by collecting a rebound.

Full of confidence, the Gems went on to secure their own centre pass and it was goal for goal as the first quarter went on, but with a few passing errors and mistiming Storm started to creep away to finish the first quarter 20-10 ahead.

A defensive change between Fellows and Lawrence was made to see if a slight height advantage could be put onto the 6ft shooter, but Storm’s passing and movement was too accurate and fast-paced for the Gems defenders.

Going into the third quarter Gems were 40-19 behind, but some great play by the attackers and especially Danni Addicott helped them to win the quarter and provide an incentive to keep pushing on.

The last quarter saw Gems move the squad around, and super sub Nicola Hale came on to help Gems claw back some goals, as it ended 67-52.

Player of the match: Danni Addicott; umpires’ player of the match: Nicola Hale

Sydenham Emeralds 38, Paulton Arrows 14

EMERALDS played Arrows from Paulton Netball Club on Saturday, and the defence started strongly, with Angel and Grace working well together to limit Arrows’ opportunities.

In the second quarter the centre court players Anna, Leah and Courtnie linked up well to gain valuable interceptions and make accurate passes.

During the third quarter the shooters Michelle and Katie upped their game and extended Emeralds’ lead.

The last quarter had the same intensity as the third, with Rhiannon slotting in to continue Emeralds’ strong teamwork, and the game ended 38-14.

POM: Katie; UPOM: Grace and Leah

Sydenham Rubies 51, Paulton Spears 41

RUBIES made it three wins out of three at home so far this season, with victory over Spears.

There was a fantastic start to the match for the hosts, with a strong centre pass from Kirsty Richards (C) to Stephanie Gibson (WA), who was able to judge just the right pass to Justine Pearn (GA), and her shooting from just inside the semi-circle helped Rubies into a 17-13 lead.

The second quarter saw some tight marking and fantastic interceptions from Katie Issit (GK), Kerry Clark (GD) and Leanne Wegg (WD), which ensured that Rubies were able to keep the lead, 28-21.

In the third quarter Rubies successfully turned over the centres and built a larger lead through Carly Langdon (GS).

The team were really starting to up the pace and open up the court, allowing for great communication and interceptions, and they ended the quarter 43-32 up.

The final quarter saw Rubies continue with to work well, leading them to victory at home yet again, 51-41.

POM: Justine Pearn and Katie Issit; UPOM: Leanne Wegg


Hucclecote Comets 74, Bridgwater Jupiter 17

AFTER a long journey, Jupiter took to the court against a very tall, strong and athletic Comets side.

The team got off to a slow start and despite a superb effort from the defence – Sally Haysham (GK) and Emily Bridges (GD) – Comets used their height to take a 20-4 first-quarter lead.

The second quarter saw Comets continue to dominate, despite player of the match Alisha Gardener (C) working hard throughout, and at half time it was 42-8.

With some newfound determination, Jupiter limited Comets’ possession with some great link-ups, but silly mistakes saw chances missed, and the third quarter ended 59-11.

In the final quarter Jupiter made some changes, with Annia Holleron (WA) and Eve Jenner (WD) bringing energy to the game.

The shooters Maddie Kennard (GS) and Cerys Ethridge (GA) also got into their stride, making this their strongest quarter, as it ended 74-17 to Comets.