Accrington Stanley ’s club doctor, Joyce Watson, is eagerly awaiting the start of the Olympic Games, which begin tonight with a glittering opening ceremony.

The 49-year-old from Burnley, who will be travelling down to London today, has volunteered to be a crowd doctor in the Olympic Park – 2.5sq km of open green space near to eight Olympic venues – starting on Saturday.

She will then also be on call for medical emergencies at the Paralympic Games Joyce, who has been the club doctor for Accrington Stanley since 2001, hit the headlines in 2007 after saving the life of a Stanley fan who suffered serious head injuries outside the club.

Speaking about the Games she said: “Organisers believe there will be up to 200,000 people a day passing through.

“The role is similar to what I do with Accrington Stanley but on a much bigger scale.”

Joyce, who also works part-time as a GP at Audley Health Centre in Blackburn, applied for the role around 12 months ago detailing her skills and experience. She has been a doctor for 26 years. She will also be a medical responder for the athletes in the stadiums at the Paralympic Games.

“I’m really lucky to have been offered these roles. I couldn’t just sit at home without applying.

“I thought some of my skills could be put to use.

“I have always enjoyed watching the games and this is my chance to get involved.

“Just being near the stadium and hearing the national anthem will send a tingle down my spine.

“It will be a challenge, once which I’m definitely looking forward to.

“The whole event will be phenomenal. It’s the biggest sporting event on the planet and to be involved will be amazing.”