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A little hark back to yesterday - the torch crossing Chelsea Bridge...


So, how did everyone think Carshalton's Jack Cork did last night when he came on for Team GB in the football?


Apparently, trains are running very slowly...



A video of the flotilla at Teddington...




Is it me or did the flame go out then? It definitely did... Does that mean we have to call the whole thing off?


The torch has passed underneath Westminster Bridge, still on board the Gloriana...




Here's a video of the Gloriana passing through Teddington Lock this morning...


So where are we? Still on the Thames by the looks of things... Are you ready Wandsworth?



John Walsh, 47, from Richmond, said: “I was up on the bridge proudly was up on the bridge proudly waving the British flag. To see Gloriana, you know, really the boat of Richmond, come through was just amazing.

“I’ll be there for the cycling tomorrow and I can’t wait. I’m here to support Team GB all the way.”

Martin Storey, duty lock manager at Teddington, said: “It was marvellous . It’s nice when you see it go through and think it’s one of those historic events. It’s good to be a part of it.

“It’s great so many people came along.

"It’s a great place to see it. Teddington Lock is quite an iconic place anyway. It’s nice to see so many English boats going down on such an English event.”


Watching the golden barge pass with the Olympic flame was also a big source of excitement for staff at Stein's restaurant.

Only in it's third week since opening, the riverside restaurant opened early so people could watch the torch from the terrace while eating treats like weisswurst.

Staff member Jordan orsler, 22, said: "I thought it was lovely, really nice.

"I felt quite heartwarmed by it and I think everyone really enjoyed the food as we had a selection of breakfast out, everything imported from Germany, and everyone was clapping and cheering and waving as the boat went by."

Bridgwater Mercury: Syein's restaurant


As well get very excited - TfL have reminded us that traffic and travel this weekend will be an absolute nightmare...


One group of friends with a perfect viewing spot were the houseboat neighbours near the ram pub.

The happy group met on ray hopes boat for a champagne breakfast to mark the occasion.

Mr hope said: "Just to see the boat turn the corner and see the hoards of people was amazing.

"There were so many people and as the boat came round the corner you felt the tension growing."

Bridgwater Mercury: House boat


Rowers supporting the Gloriana...

Bridgwater Mercury: Rowers


Bridgwater Mercury: Matthew Pinsent torch run

Sir Matthew Pinsent has shared his pride at carrying the Olympic torch on the final day of the flame’s journey.

The Olympian was handed the honour of carrying the torch on its final leg before it boarded the majestic Gloriana and headed down the River Thames.

Watched by his proud wife and three children, he ran through the palace’s West gate to patriotic cheers and applause from the crowds.

He said it was very difficult to compare his role carrying the torch with his role in previous games as an Olympic rower.

The Chiswick resident said: “There wasn’t an awful lot of preparation involved with my role in the torch relay, but it’s still an important day for London and to be a part of that is very special.”

The sports man got up at 4.30am to get there on time and said he had enjoyed a fun morning.

He said: “It’s certainly a great place to start, on the river, and such a fantastic opportunity.”

His wife Demetra, 38, speaking before he appeared with the torch, said: “I’m really proud of him, it’s a really special moment for him and he’s been looking forward to this for years - having the Olympics in London.

“The only thing that worries me is he’s going to want to jump back in to the boat when he sees it.”

Their son Lucas, six, wore a special Olympic outfit for the occasion and said he wanted to win more medals that his daddy when he grew up.


A lovely pic from Clare Buchanan - who is part of the flotilla...

Bridgwater Mercury: Gloriana view


Crowds shout hip hip hooray and Gloriana sounds its horn as the flotilla leaves Teddington Lock...


Who wants to read a review of the Olympic opening ceremony? Of course you do...


Reporter Rachel Bishop can see the Gloriana! Excitement is high!


The Gloriana has come to a stop at Teddington Lock. Are you excited?


Waiting for the torch to arrive!

Bridgwater Mercury: Waiting for the torch


Jerry Irving, head of Kingston Chamber of Commerce, said he was worried they wouldn't shift the tickets but they sold out in days and even had an American tourist even tried to get on board.

He said: "It's a credit to the organisers to allow us to be part of it all. It's fantastic."


One group who enjoyed the morning were former Tiffin Girls students Maryanne Carter, Suzy Foster, Sue Jones and Karen Butler.

The happy group watched the flame pass while celebrating Suzy's birthday at the same time.

The birthday girl said: "It has been fantastic, we loved it.

"We met up at Hampton court and then cycled up. I came back from Paris for this.

"How many times in your life are you going to see something like this."

Bridgwater Mercury: Tiffin girls


Richmond mayor Councillor Rita Palmer at Teddington Lock...

Bridgwater Mercury: Richmond Mayor


From Clare Buchanan among the flotilla:

Everyone crouched down so the captain can navigate through Teddington Lock!

Councillor heathcote said last time she was interviewed on the floor was under a desk during a bomb raid when she worked for the foreign office!



John Osborne, captain of the New Southern Belle, is the longest serving member of Turks Launches having worked with them for 30 years.

He said: "It's even more challenging than the jubillee pageant that we took part in because the river isn't very wide in places. We have been fully briefed though and it is a great occasion."

Bridgwater Mercury: John Osborne



Clare Buchanan sent this video from the flotilla...


Barry Free, Therese Clark, Ash Homewood, Hettie Clark, Ned Clark, Beryl Clark and Clare Frew.

Therese, from Pope's Grove, has been at Radnor Gardens since 7.15am.

Her sister, Clare Frew and brother-in-law have come from Gloucester, New South Wales, Australia.

Bridgwater Mercury: Family from Australia


Christine Fleming did eventually get to see the Gloriana!

"And it's quite a scene as the Gloriana passes under Kingston bridge - Olympic flame blazing as cheers erupt from the crowd."

Bridgwater Mercury: Gloriana Kingston



There it goes, the Gloriana has passed under Kingston Bridge! Give us a wave!


I just had my own little bell-ringing ceremony in the office as I couldn't hear any of the others... Sad isn't it?

Bridgwater Mercury: Olympic bell


Probably not Christine...


The bells have started ringing, the helicopter is overhead, and we can see flashes in the distance. Could that be the barge around the river bend?

Christine Fleming



Can anyone hear bells? I can't... But then, I'm on the tenth floor behind really strong glass...


Two people who are definitely looking forward to this morning's torch appearance are Michael Levett and Helen Millier.

Mr Levett, 58, who runs Asana yoga and health centre in Old London Road is going tone helping out with this weekends road races, Tuesday's time trials and the triathlon at Hyde park.

He said: "We didn't see it last time as I was working but we are looking forward to seeing it."

Doctor Millier, of Old London Road, added: "It will be nice to see it and nice  to see the golden barge.

"One of my friends saw it and said they didn't realise how impressive it would be."

Bridgwater Mercury: Kingston Bridge couple


Jo Wales, from Street Child Africa, said: "It's the first time I will have seen the torch. It's very impressive with the cauldron and the flame. It will be very exciting when they take us over so we can see it properly."

Bridgwater Mercury: Jo Wales


Clare Buchanan is, I would imagine, not struggling to keep up with the Gloriana... In fact, she's in front of it...

"Steaming along ahead of the Gloriana waving to crowds on the riverside no chance of a good view of the Olympic torch yet!"


So, while the Gloriana is, erm, slowly making the journey down the Thames, let's have some torch facts...

By the end of today, the Olympic torch relay will have travelled an estimated 8,000 miles at an average of 110 miles per day.

That's even more than Bradley Wiggins can cycle...



I remember thinking this during the jubilee flotilla - and it may be treason - but the Gloriana is a bit slow isn't it?


And as I say that, I discover James Cracknell - who carried the torch in Kingston on Tuesday - and Jonny Searle ARE among the 16 rowers on the Gloriana!


So who is rowing the boat? I think they should have got Redgrave and Pinsent to do it on their own. Who wouldn't cheer that?


I thought us Brits liked a wait? Perhaps Christine should get everyone to stand in a queue?

"Overheard police saying the Olympic flame is running about half an hour behind schedule.

People on Kingston Bridge are already asking "where is it?""



Christine Fleming is soaking up the atmosphere on Kingston Bridge...

Bridgwater Mercury: Kingston Bridge


Cyclists riding alongside the Gloriana as it saunters up the Thames...


Here's Matthew Pinsent outside Hampton Court Palace...

Bridgwater Mercury: Matthew Pinsent


The BBC has gone all out today, helicopter over Hampton Court. I suppose they've hired it for tonight and might as well get their use out of it...


I say torch, I mean the flame, as it is now in a couldron. I suppose even Matthew Pinsent would struggle to hold the torch and row at the same time...


The torch is now on-board the royal barge...


Sir Matthew Pinsent's son Lucas, six, in his specially-made outfit, waiting for daddy to come through the palace with the torch.

He said he was excited and wants to win more medals than his dad one day. He was joined by twin brother Jonah and sister Eve, four.

Bridgwater Mercury: Pinsent Jr




Matthew Pinsent has the torch outside Hampton Court Palace.

Now there's a man who doesn't look like he's struggling to hold up the 1kg torch...


They're on their way Clare - right now!


Clare Buchanan is getting excited!

"Crowds of people running towards the riverside from Hampton Court Palace! Must be coming soon!"


Looking forward to his first siting of the torch is school caretaker Roger Stafford, 51, of Cobham.

He said: "It [seeing the torch] has just got to be done. It is surely one of the things to do."

Bridgwater Mercury: Roger Stafford


From Clare Buchanan:

Deputy Kingston mayor, Councillor Barry O'Mahony, said: "Here we are loving the two torch relays and the three cycle days are going to be brilliant as well.

"For a borough that didn't expect much we are getting a lot of joy from it and people are really getting behind it."


From Christine Fleming, who is also out and about ahead of the torch passing through Kingston this morning...

And it's a grey morning on the river but that hasn't stopped excited spectators heading down to Kingston bridge.

Sarah Simpson, 19, of Teddington, and friend Camila Ugarte, 19, of Hampton Wick have been here for half an hour already.

Miss Simpson said: "We are definitely excited. We have been down here since 7am."



Anne Read from Letterhead with her own Olympic torch that has seen three relays this year.

She said: "I was thrilled when I found out and its part of my birthday celebrations. I think its great, everyone seems to be really excited. I can't wait."

Bridgwater Mercury: Anne Read



Couldn't have a much better setting could you really?

Bridgwater Mercury: Hampton Court entrance



Olympic rower Matthew Pinsent will carry the flame through the majestic entrance of Hampton Court Palace at about 7.15am, after it has completed a lap of the palace's maze. The media are eagerly awaiting his arrival, and excited crowds are lining the riverside and Hampton Court bridge. The bridge is a sea of union jacks and the riverside has come to a standstill on both sides.

Louise Robertson


Louise has just sent this picture in - it does look busy down there...

Bridgwater Mercury: Richmond river torch



"Parked just down from Hampton Court Palace and crowds already growing on the riverside. We are part of a flotilla of 40..."

Clare Buchanan


We have Louise Robertson and Clare Buchanan out and about. Early start for them... They have sent pictures though, which are coming up now...


We're at Hampton Court now... Can I get a scream?


Richard Todd Bradley now has the flame. And a lovely touch from the staff there, giving the last lady a nice little cuddle when she finished her leg. Good on them I say.

I know the security are there for a reason and it's a very serious matter, but a little touch like that is worth a lot.



I would imagine those security people are quite glad when someone chooses not to run with the torch. Gives them a bit of a break at least.


This road in Richmond will be a whole different ball game tomorrow, when the Olympic road race comes through.

Anyone planning on going down to that?


Ed Berman is doing the right thing. Take your time, you will do this once, so walk, that's my advice...






My ultimate dream would be if, just if, a man now came running over the brow of the hill in Bushy Park shouting "Fenton... FENTON!"

Just me?


But Charlotte Fone doesn't seem bothered, she's doing a great job for 7am!


It's off! We're up and running.

I can't help but think I'd be a bit gutted if my relay leg was this early in the morning...


So, while we're waiting, tonight we will finally find out who is to light the Olympic torch in the stadium. 

Who should it be? Daley? Mr Redgrave? How about David Beckham kicking a flaming football - free-kick style - into a bowl of petrol?



So, Matthew Pinsent is set to carry the torch to the Royal Rowbarge, the Gloriana - which many will remember from the jubilee celebrations - starting a journey up the Thames, taking in Wandsworth on the way, before it eventually reaches the Olympic stadium.


As the torch makes its way around Hampton Court Maze this morning - has anyone actually considered what will happen if the torchbearer gets lost in there?


Good morning!

Well, here it is, the final day of the Olympic Torch Relay. It feels like the Games are over really, but they are only just beginning!

Who is actually up and about at this time?


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