WEMBDON Cricket Club held their presentation dinner on Friday at Bar 27 in Bridgwater.

This year's role of honour is as follows: Russ Pigden (Fielder of Year), Aaron Phillips (Match Winning Performance, 2ndXI Players Player and hat-trick), Dan Buller (Team of the Year), Jack Lowe (Young Cricketer of Year), Liam Pigden (Young Clubman), Dan Watts (Young Clubman), Steve Pigden (3rd XI Batsman), Ali Cook (4th XI Bowler and Players Player), Mick Bowden (Clubman), Kev Rawles (3rd XI Bowler and Players Player), Brendan Pope (1st XI Bowler and Sunday Batter), Pete Gliddon (2nd XI Bowler and hat-trick ball), Paul Cook (4th XI Batter), Rich Gower (1st XI Batter, Players Player and Presidents Award), Rob Dickins (League Runners Up Award), Dan Bingham (Sunday Bowler), Nicki Palmer (Ladies Cup) and Carwyn Jenkins (2nd XI Batsman).

The club also made the raffle draw which people from all over the town have taken part in. For a list of the winners click the link on the story at bridgwatermercury.co.uk/sport