WITH last Friday’s Play-Off Group match against Leicester falling victim to the rain, the Somerset Rebels will now face the Lions this Friday (October 12) at the Oaktree Arena knowing that a win by seven points or more will be sufficient to take the Rebels through to the Grand Final that will determine the 2012 Premier League Champions.

Leicester and Newcastle, the other side in the three-team group, met each other home and away this weekend, and with them both winning their respective home matches, it means Somerset’s away point at Newcastle last Sunday has gained even more importance, as all three match points from Friday’s home match against Leicester will alleviate the need for the Rebels to take anything from the return fixture against the Lions when the two side reconvene the following day in the East Midlands in the final match in their particular group.

Rebels promoter Debbie Hancock said: “There is everything to play for on Friday night and to make it doubly exciting, Leicester still have a chance to make it through to the Play-Off Final themselves instead of the Rebels, but all three match points from our match against the Lions on Friday night will ensure that we will finish top of our group irrespective of the outcome of the match at Leicester the following evening, but we will be taking nothing for granted as Leicester will also be going all out to be in that Championship-deciding Final instead of ourselves.

“With the Rebels already through to the League Cup Final, these are exciting times at the Oaktree Arena, and I would urge all Rebels fans to get along on Friday night to support the team as they look to book their place in the Championship Grand Final.”