Somerset Rebels 58, Glasgow Tigers 34 SOMERSET Rebels were the only Premier League club able to complete their fixture on Friday and did so in fine style with a convincing victory over reigning champions Glasgow Tigers.

Despite falling 4-2 behind after heat one, the Rebels commanded the meeting after Kyle Newman helped a 5-1 win in heat two by storming over the line first with Tom Perry in close pursuit.

Sam Masters claimed heat three and Jason Doyle and Newman ensured another maximum win in heat four to give the Rebels some distance at 16-8.

The Tigers fought back and tied heats five, six and eight 3-3 but the Rebels put the match to bed when James Wright and Alex Davies claimed wins in heat nine and ten to give their side a 39-21 lead.

First place finishes in heats 11 and 12 for Masters helped to combat a tactical ride from Glasgow but Doyle and Wright claimed another first place finish each to round off a good day for the Rebels.

Rye House Rockets 48, Somerset Rebels 42 THE Rebels were brought down to a bump with a defeat against Rye House Rockets on Saturday.

Jason Doyle won heat one to put the Rebels ahead but two maximum wins for the home team helped them turn the tables and take a 12-6 lead.

Doyle again fought back to ensure a 4-2 win in heat five but Rye House held firm to win heats six and seven and extend their lead to 25-17.

The scoring was then neck-and-neck as seven of the remaining eight heats finished 3-3, despite two more win for Doyle, Alex Davies and Tom Perry.