Bridgwater Mercury 18, Hendford 56

MERCURY took to the court on Saturday with another new line up, but this did not dampen their determination.

With three under-14s, Darcie Dunn (C), Emily Rossiter (GD) and Yuste Mockeliunaite (WD) playing their first senior game for the club, the match was going to be a challenge against a very strong Yeovil side, Hendford.

Captain, Norah Lewis (GA), tried a number of combinations to try to strengthen Mercury's play, which didn't lack effort.

However, the final outcome was an 18-56 loss.

Joint players of the match were Aerin Phillips, Hana Middleton and Cerys Etheridge.

Saturn 31, Babylon 41

SATURN put in a fighting display against Babylon, but it wasn’t enough to prevent a ten point defeat.

With accurate shooting and great movement around the attacking circle from GA Imogen Setter and GS Sammy Kemmish, Saturn were only down by three goals in the first quarter.

Some swift play by centre court players Hazel Hucker, Karis Holleron and Michelle Stone, allowed Saturn to keep the gap tight and not let Babylon get the better of them.

Changes made in the third quarter saw Katy Cheese come on at GA and Imogen Setter move to C, which changed the game for Saturn.

Tight defence in the circle from Sally Haysham (GD) and Julie McClean (GK) kept the ball out of the opposition's reach, minimising Babylon's shots, which meant that Saturn drew level and at one point were ahead of Babylon. But Babylon managed fought back in the last quarter to take the win.

Neptune 46, Dolphins 42

A STURDY performance in the final quarter saw Neptune pip Dolphins by just four points on Saturday.

Fantastic interceptions from Bex Dunn (GD) shook up the opposition and kept Neptune slightly ahead at half time, 21-19.

Neptune had to push harder in the second half of the game as Dolphins made some tactical team changes.

This didn't phase the excellent shooting combination of Katy Cheese (GA) and Lianne Fothergill (GS) – as the duo worked the ball well around the circle and crucially finished the shots, keeping Neptune ahead at the end of the third quarter.

In the final period, Neptune really stepped up their game with Hollie Cornish (WD) pressurising Dolphins' attack.

Solid defensive work led to a number of vital interceptions, as Neptune held on for the win.

Venus 34, Wyndham 49

VENUS slipped to a 15-point defeat at the hands of Yeovil’s second team, Wyndham.

The first quarter was strongly contested and Wyndham were only ahead by one goal at the end of the first quarter.

Strong defensive play from Coleen Bartlett (GK) and Morgan Middleton (GD) continued to place pressure on their opposing shooters, making some great tips and marking from both players.

Hollie Cornish (WD) was a good source strength and support in both the defensive and attacking ends of the court but Wyndham extended their lead to 22-16.

Venus stepped up a gear in the third quarter and the combined shooting skills of Mattie Williams (GS) and Sarah Perry (GA) ensured Venus increased their score.

Venus continued to pressure Wyndham in the final quarter, with Chris Shaw (WA) and Alisha Gardener (C) working tirelessly and executing some great interceptions and precise feeding into the shooters.

However, Venus were unable to close the gap and Wyndham went on to win 49 - 34.

Mars 31, Reckleford 33

MARS were beaten by the narrowest of margins on Saturday, as they lost 33-31 to Reckleford.

Solid defence from Emily Harwood (GK) and Saskia Middleton (GD) helped Mars to a first quarter 8-7 lead.

Reckleford's persistent defending didn't stop Mars' attacking players retrieving the ball, as they finished the second period 18-15 ahead.

Mars' centre court players were strong throughout the game, turning over centre passes frequently, but Reckleford closed the gap to finish the third quarter 25 apiece.

Both teams continued to push hard to the final whistle - but Mars lost the battle.