MARKET C played at the Squib in Division A of the Bridgwater Town Skittles League.

The home A team started by pulling six pins following a 16- spare from last man on Chris hole. The Market responded by winning the next two hands to lead by 23, spares coming from John Martin, Paul Bagg, Paul Kyrpyta, and Graham Irish.

Squib won the fourth hand and followed up with a winning fifth hand to retake the lead by one. The only flopper of the game came from Ben Partridge of the Squib, whose 18 pushed the lead to seven. Market needed 68 to win which eluded them, handing the win to the Squib by seven.

In Division B, White Hart B hosted New Foresters B in a game where the lead changed hands many times.

Early plaudits went to the Foresters who, by the third hand, were in front by six. With Gary and Andy Modley both hitting spares in the third hand, the second lead change occurred.

During the successive hands, Hart’s lead reduced by a pin a time, until, come the penultimate hand, Foresters led by nine after a spare from Bob Wilson.

Hart set a target of 62 to win, which New Foresters failed to hit, White Hart winning by three with Roy Frost starting the winning hand perfectly with a 14 spare.

Crown Inn B played at the Lions Club A in Division C and took a few hands to settle in.

All the time, Lions continued to build a lead of 29, with spares from Josh Luke, and a flopper from Jason Meare. Crown found form in the fourth hand pulling seven and with a 83 in the fifth a further 17 was removed from Lions lead.

When Crown pulled a further 10, the lead swapped over, forcing Lions to raise their game. Lions set a target of 64 to win, helped by a 15 spare from Phil Bisse,. Crown needing a spare which, despite steady scoring, failed to appear, and Lions won by three.

In Division D, Bird in Hand B were up against it, facing top-ofthe- table Old Market A.

Market steadily won the first five hands to lead by 26, floppers coming from Norman Hicks and Wayne Nunn and spares from Steve Carr, Chris Case, and Ian Caswell.

Out of the blue, two 82 hands sealed the game, however, not for the Market but for the visiting side and the Bird, with six spares in the final two hands, won by three.

Results: Division A – Sportsman A 435 (Steve Moran 63), Blake Arms B 424 (Alan 62); Bird in Hand A 514 (Nick Pimm 78, Commercial Inn B 460 (Steve Cave 67); Cobblestones A 489 (Paul Trunks 74), Great Western Club B 450 (Mike Davidge 62); Duke A 458 (Scott Clapp 67), Malt Shovel B 375 (Paul Brazewell 55); Malt Shovel A 482 (Rob Paull 77), Rugby Club B 472 (Andrew Paul 71); Lime Kiln B 490 (Steve Redman 74), Squib B 451 (Tim Nelto 66); Squib A 497 (Ben Partridge 81), The Market C 490 (Paul Kurpyta 66).

Division B – British Flag A 511 (D Kitch, C Pople 73 v The Market D 456 (John Knight 65); Blake Hall A 438 (Barry Hobbs 66), Cross Rifles A 415 (Nick Searle 60); Commercial Inn A 453 (Mike Webber 62), Bunch of Grapes A 475 (Malcolm Dennison 70); Mansion House A 455 (Jim McGuckin 64), Lime Kiln A 447 (Rob Sharman 67); White Hart B 436 (Roy Frost 66), New Foresters B 433 (New Foresters B 68); New Foresters A 433 (S Bull, B Chedzey 64),British Flag B 509 (Roy Short 79); Crown Inn A bye.

Division C – West India House A 417 (Sean Haysham 59), Blake Hall B 429 (Dave Bowyer 64); Blake Arms A 476 (Steve Fursland 79), Lions Club B 493 (Bill Dewis 70); Lions Club A 441 (Phill Bisset 64), Crown Inn B 438 (Jas Cross 61); Great Western Club A 419 (Dave Durston 64), Mansion House B 407 (Richard Deuce 57); Rugby Club A 472 (Steve Flack 75), Sydenham Centre B 495 (Ken Clatworthy 67); Sydenham Centre A 492 (Jon Rossitor 75),West India House B 441 (Ryan Brewer 64); River Parrett A bye.

Division D – The Market B 503 (Sam Facey 84), Cobblestones B 476 (Phil Rogers 69); Cross Rifles B 410 (Nigel Gillard 64), Duke B 459 (Mike Hurley 66); Bunch of Grapes B 412 (Neil Perkins 62), Castle Club B 365 (Steve Hale 55); Castle Club A 488 (Neil Collard 69), White Hart A 522 (Jack Turner 82); The Market A 484 (Norman Hicks 73), Bird in Hand B 487 (Matt Freitas 79); New Market Hotel A 423 (Nigel Pepper 62), Sportsman B 385 (Chris Csete 57); New Market Hotel B bye.