QUANTOCK Vale Skittles League leaders R and Us were leading by nine pins at the end of the first half of their game at the Greyhound but the home team then pulled nine on their next hand to make the game all square before four hands in the 30s allowed Outcasts to take the advantage to finally win by 18.

Victories by both Stockland Club and Triards meant there is a three-way tie at the top of the table, but both teams were made to struggle for their victories.

It took Club until the sixth hand before taking a significant lead by pulling 22, and from there went on to beat the Greydogs by 58.

Similarly, Triards trailed Applecrunchers by 13 at the halfway point but they then pulled 42 over the next two hands to lead by 29 and they maintained this gap to win by 32.

A. Ingram was top of the alley for Triards, hitting a 14 spare on his last hand to reach his 100.

Globetrotters move up to fourth place after a comfortable 30-pin win at the Greyhound over Dot’s Gang, and Dambusters’ game at the Globe started with four close hands until the Alley Boys hit a 68- pin fifth that put them 28 ahead and from there they forged ahead to win by 37.

Results: Stockland Club 458 (T.

Webb 85), Greydogs 400 (S.

Larcombe 89); Outcasts 410 (D.

Glover 76), R and Us 392 (M.

Gorvin/D. Chidgey 75); Triards 503 (A. Ingram 100), Applecrunchers 471 (S. Jones/K.

Champion 88); Dambusters 471 (M. Reid 98), Alley Boys 508 (W. Stone 104); Dot’s Gang 385 (J. Scrimgeour 70), Globetrotters 415 (B. Buller 77).

P Hw Aw D L Ps R and Us 13 5413 23 Stockland Club 13 7303 23 Triards 13 7303 23 Globetrotters 13 4405 20 Apple Crunchers 13 4306 17 Outcasts 13 2407 16 Alley Boys 13 2407 16 Dambusters 13 2209 10 Dot's Gang 13 3109 9 Greydogs 13 001 12 1 Highest Men’s away score - M.

Hurley 116; Women’s – T.

Scrimgeour 100.