Mars 38, Mercury 29

BOTH newly reselected teams were looking forward to this club derby - and it didn't disappoint.

The first quarter was neck and neck with some accurate shooting from both teams' shooters.

In the second quarter the Mercury defence of Emily Harwood (GD) and Hanna Middleton (GK) took control of the shooting circle with some well timed interceptions, giving Mercury a one-goal lead at half time.

Mars made some team changes and came back on court for the third quarter a more determined side.

A combination of great shooting from Kayl Haste (GS), good court play from Elaine Bartlett (WA) and sound defending from Lily Rowland (WD) and Saskia Middleton (GD) over powered Mercury and at three quarter time Mars were 32 - 22 up.

Mercury went into the last quarter determined to take control of the game again with some outstanding interceptions from Mercury's player of the Match (C) Chloe Trout and steady shooting from Norah Lewis and Aeron Phillips they cut the deficit but were unable to turn the score around Mars won 38-29.

Mars player of the Match was shared between Kayl Haste, Lily Rowland and Saskia Middleton.

Saturn 39, Tomahawks 18

A MUCH needed win by Saturn, who took a commanding lead in the first quarter against Tomahawks.

Great defending by Sally Haysham (GD) and joint player of the match Julie McClean (GK) along with great pressured defensive support from Michelle Stone (WD) meant Saturn led 16-9 at half time.

Excellent centre play in the third quarter by Hazel Hucker (WA) and timely interceptions from Karis Holleron (C) ensured Saturn brought the ball down the Court fluently to the shooters.

Accurate shooting by Becky Palmer (GS) and Imogen Setter (GA) helped Saturn extend their lead.

The final quarter showed a superb team performance, which ensured a vital 39 -18, win for Saturn.

Joint players of the match Julie McClean (GK) and Becky Palmer (GS).