Saturn 27, Millfield 48

THE first quarter was evenly matched, with short sharp passing by Imogen Setter enabling Saturn to convert some outstanding goals from Lianne Fothergill (GS) as the quarter ended 7-11 to millfield.

Into the second quarter Saturn knew they had to up the pressure in defence - Sally Haysham (GD) and Hazel Hucker (WD) forced errors on Millfield's attack.

The second half of the game Saturn tried to keep up with the pace of Millfield by fantastic drives into the attacking third by Karis Holleron (WA) but unfortunately the damaged had already been done.

Mercury 23, Minstrels 50

MERCURY started well with good shooting from Aerin Phillips (GS) and Sophie Cornish (GA), ending the first quarter only behind by three at 10-7.

Despite good passing from the centre court players Jess Webb (C) and Elaine Bartlett (WA), Minstrels increased their lead in the second quarter.

The defensive trio on Hana Middleton (GK), Emily Harwood (GD) and Chloe Trout (WD) worked well together in the third quarter only allowing Minstrels to score ten goals.

Although changes were made in the attacking end bringing on Cerys Ethridge, Mercury still couldn't catch up losing 50-23.

Netball South West Regional U16 league

Bridgwater 27, Raychem 19

BRIDGWATER started the game nervously, but with strong game play and passing from player of the match Alisha Gardener (WA) and Olivia Shorthouse (C) into the shooters, the home side took a first quarter lead of 6-4.

In the second quarter, Raychem made some changes which Bridgwater failed to adapt to quickly, allowing the visitors to creep back into the game finishing 12 -12 at half time.

Following a switch in the Bridgwater defense and a change in centre court, with Chloe Trout taking the centre bib, Bridgwater started to increase their lead, thanks to excellent shooting by Sophie Cornish (GS) and Morganne Dunn (GA).

Carrying a 19-14 advantage into the final quarter, the defensive trio of Lucy Brown (GD), Saskia Middleton (GK) and Victoria Saban (WD) dominated their end of the court as Bridgwater finished the game winners 27 - 19.

Reserves: Cerys Ethridge, Emily Harwood, Hana Middleton