Jupiter 55, Tomahawks 33

WITH a change to the attack, Jupiter started the first quarter steadily, although Tomahawks stayed in touch as the first quarter finished 11-10 to Jupiter.

In the second period, Becky Palmer (GA) began to move excellently, supporting Sammy Kemmish (GS), who held her position well, and Jupiter were able to get into the flow of the game to lead 27-17.

By the start of the third quarter, Jupiter were able to read the opposition’s game and well-timed interceptions from Imma Matcham (WD) and Baylea Charles (C) meant Jupiter could increase their lead further to 44-26.

Beckie Cowley (GD) and Lisa Durant (GK) worked well defensively making it difficult for Tomahawks to score.

Neptune 34 Swans 53

NEPTUNE started well with a changed line-up, but despite some great feeds into the circle to the shooters, they were unable to pull ahead and trailed by four at the end of the first quarter.

Pressure in Neptune’s defence forced some mistakes in Swans attacking end but they couldn’t to keep up with Swans and found themselves 17-29 down at half time.

Neptune made positional changes to the team to freshen up the centre court, which made an immediate impact. However, despite this change, the side couldn't catch up.

Mercury 29 Walton Green 28


MERCURY didn't start the game well but managed to edge a thriller as strong defending from Julie McClean and Kat Jay prevented Walton’s goals from going in, only allowing Walton to build a lead of just four at the end of the first period.

The versatility of the squad meant that substitutions could be made to bring a variety of strengths onto court.

Interceptions from Chloe Berry, Chloe Trout, Bex Dunn and Lilly Wicks stopped Walton’s lead, ending the third quarter 22-20 to Mercury.

In the final quarter, the tension began to build as the game was so close and Walton kept closing on any lead that Mercury managed.

Good feeds from Olivia Shorthouse and accurate shooting from Lily Rowland and Kayleigh Haste kept Mercury ahead to claim victory.