Gems 46, Vivary 29

FINE shooting by Gems, especially in the final quarter, gave them a convincing victory over Taunton-based Vivary.

The first quarter remained close as expected, and Vivary had a marginal one goal advantage as the teams moved into the second quarter.

Gems’ extra speed and fitness showed during this quarter and they took full advantage to move in front 20–15 at half time.

Danni Keirle, Amy Witcombe and Helen Martin worked the central court area strongly, moving the ball swiftly into shooters Justine Pearn and Hannah Clapp.

Both teams worked hard during the final quarter, fighting to the end, however, Gems’ shooters were magnificent, barely missing and with well-timed interceptions throughout the court.

Player of the match was shared between Helen Martin and Sue Bushnell.

Rubies 37, Sapphires 33

RUBIES took an early lead in the first quarter while Sapphires struggled to find their rhythm in this interclub match.

The second quarter saw some excellent shooting from Hannah Read for Sapphires which reduced the deficit, and at the end of the quarter, Sapphires had taken the lead.

Sapphires moved players around to counter Rubies pressured attack, and with Laura Coombes at GA helping to collect rebounds, and excellent pressure and movement from Carly Martin at WD, Sapphires stayed in contention with a small lead going into the final quarter.

Rubies however, stepped up a gear and determined defence from Sandy Hocking and Debbie Chapman forced errors by Sapphires and Rubies capitalised on their interceptions to win the game.

Players of the match were awarded to Carly Martin for Sapphires and Mikki Hole for Rubies.

Ambers 39, Frome 12

AMBERS began the game with the determination to win, and to do so convincingly.

The first quarter put this message across strongly with the quarter ending 2-13 in Ambers’ favour.

Accurate shooting from Michelle Parr (GA) and Tasmin Hembery (GS) kept adding to the team’s well deserved success, extending the lead to 21-4 by the end of the second quarter.

This lead wasn’t without the timely interceptions and excellent pressure put on from Chelsie Coombes (GK), Megan Buller (GD) and Katie Dennison (WD) to enable Lucy McCabe (WA) and Hannah Wallis (C) to get the ball into the shooters.

Player of the match deservedly went to Hannah Wallis.

Garnets 26, Purnells 24

EXCELLENT shooting from Amber Lovell and Tanisha Birch got Garnets off to a good start before solid passing in the centre gave them the lead.

The defence worked hard with some timely interceptions from Molly Gould and Rheanne Lee working well together and with Nick Elkins at WD.

The score was neck and neck at the end of the third quarter, however the Garnets girls remained calm and had their nose in front thanks to steady play when the whistle went.

Player of the match was Jo Bromme.