Knockout Cup Preliminary Round

Gems 61, Wyndham 23

GEMS began to pull away with good movement down the court, making every pass count.

With great feeding from Amy Witcombe and Helen Martin, shooters Justine Pearn and Hannah Clapp finished the move off, with excellent and accurate shots.

Throughout the game, Gems worked well as a team, with good movement and support. Strong defending from Danni Keirle, Kerry Hobbs and Sue Bushnell restricted Wyndham's attempts at goal, which showed in the final result a 61-23 win for Gems.

Garnets 28, Canons 41

GARNETS started strongly but Canons began to pull away with a lead ending the first quarter 9-12. Defensively Garnets were strong, with Jo Bromme at (GD) being able to add additional support for Lucy McCabe, who had moved to centre.

Mia Bennett also had an excellent game making strong drives for the ball, particularly with centre passes. Nicola Elkins, however, had an outstanding game making timely interceptions and supporting the attack rightfully earning player of the match.