Gems 47, Knights 28

GEMS were raring to go and were leading 16-7 at the end of the first quarter which soon became 28-12 at the break thanks to great work across the court. Strong shooting from Justine Pearn and Hannah Clapp saw Gems extend their lead to 39-19 as they continued to dominate.

Knights fought back in the final quarter but Gems held it together with great interceptions from Sue Bushnell and Kerry Hobbs to win 47-28. Justine Pearn was voted player of the match.

Emeralds 28, Knaves 37

EMERALDS took an early lead in the first quarter as Rachael Coles and Emily Hoare worked hard in the defensive circle making interceptions which were swiftly passed through the court to shooters Roxy McDowell and Carly Langdon. They fought hard throughout the game, but Knaves moved into the lead and Emeralds could not close the gap. Roxy McDowell was voted player of the match.

Ambers 33, Barons 40

GREAT play from Carly Langdon and Tanisha Birch supported by Georgia Edmundson helped Ambers keep in touch with Barons 10-12 at quarter-time.

The second quarter saw Leanne Wegg prove as a good link from defence to attack as they pulled the lead by to one goal.

Steph Elkins made some brilliant interceptions but Barons lead 25-29 going into the final quarter and Ambers were unable to close that gap as the visitors ran out 40-33 winners.

Player of the match was shared between Georgia Edmundson and Chelsie Coombes.