Jupiter 53, Saturn 49

JUPITER edged a win against Bridgwater's second string Saturn despite the latter taking a 9-13 lead at the end of the first quarter thanks to impressive shooting from Becky Palmer.

Despite excellent interceptions from Imma Matcham, Jupiter were unable to close the gap and at half time the score was 20-27 to Saturn.

With a team change at half time, and great feeds from Jupiter's Amy Shaw into shooter Paige Davey, Jupiter managed to claw their way back into the game, taking the lead, 37-36, by the end of the third period.

With brilliant defence from Saturn's defenders, Sally Haysham, Katie Chedzey and Emma Downes, Jupiter were forced to keep the pressure on in order to maintain the lead. Timely interceptions from Beckie Cowley helped get the ball to Jupiter's shooters who put away their shots, keeping the lead to win the game 53-49.

Jupiter players of the match were Imma Matcham and Beckie Cowley Saturn player of the match were Katie Chedzey

Venus 73, Mars 37

BOTH Mars and Venus had new line ups this week so both teams started tentatively. Venus settled quicker than Mars and accurate shooting from Lianne Fothergill (GS) allowed Venus to pull away to finish the first quarter with an 18-8 lead.

In the second quarter Venus continued their dominance over Mars, with Megan Smith (WA) and Chris Durant (C) taking control of the centre court, enabling Venus to widen the gap to 38-16.

In the third quarter Mars' new defensive line up settled and made some important interceptions, with Alisha Gardener (GD) assisting down the court. Both Lily Rowland (C) and Chris Shaw (WA) worked the ball into the Mars' shooters enabling Paige Langdon (GS) and Sarah Perry (GA) to convert their shots. In the final quarter, Venus took control of the game, with some timely interceptions from Zoe Ingram (WD). Although Venus kept the pressure on, Mars kept their heads and obtained a valuable point by gaining over half the Venus score.

Player of the match for Venus was Megan Smith and for Mars was Lily Rowland.

Matches sponsored by Notaro Care Homes