MRS Karen Davey of Bridgwater died at Musgrove Park Hospital on December 17, aged 44.

The funeral service took place on December 30 at St Francis of Assisi Church, Bridgwater followed by interment at Othery Cemetery and the service was conducted by Rev Bob Hicks.

Mourners: Martin Davey (husband); Teresa, Declan and Callum Davey (daughter and sons); Relinda Davey (granddaughter); Stewart and Josie Blanchard (mum and dad); Sharon, Paul and Karl Mears (sister and family); Mr and Mrs Brian and Linda Pope (also rep Brenda O’Stephen Brunckskill); Mr and Mrs Tony and Valerie Cresswell; Mr Norman Harwood; Mrs Julie Read; Mr and Mrs Les and Margaret Riddle and family; Mrs Maria Munden; Miss Michelle Riddle; Mr Carl Young; Matt Riddle; Miss Kim Collins; Mr Chris Riddle; Mike, Julia, Joseph, Danielle and Callum Riddle; John Ascott; Jamie Birkenshaw; Mr and Mrs Rodney and Pearl Wynn (also rep Aces Card Shop); Mrs Julia Draper (also rep Andy Draper and Samelzzie); Mrs Maureen Potter (also rep Adrian and Mark); Caroline, Kelvin, Liam, Kian and Tara Derek; Mrs Barbara Davey; Miss Gemma Davey; Mr Alan Davey; Miss Kim Davey; Mr and Mrs Bryan and Pauline Bacon; Mrs S Davey; Mr Bob Banwell and Mo; Mr Mark Banwell; Miss Lianne Meaker; Mr Roy Riddle; Mrs Donna Saunders; Mr Gareth Parfitt; Sue, Andy and Kirby Riddle; Mr Alan Riddle and family; Mr Anthony Riddle and family; Mr and Mrs Norman and Patricia Scott; Mrs Karen Hawkins (also rep the family).

Apologies for any missing names.

There were beautiful floral tributes to Karen .

The funeral arrangements were carried out by H Biffen and Sons Ltd, 32 Wembdon Road, Bridgwater.

Martin and family would like to thank everyone who attended Karen’s funeral and for the beautiful tributes. Thanks to John Biffen, Sarah and staff for all their help and Rev Bob Hicks and the Sedgemoor Inn.