Mr H.J.C. Burland

12:08pm Wednesday 19th November 2008

By Newsdesk

MR Harold John Charles Burland died on July 1 at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. He was 64.

The funeral on July 8 at Spaxton Parish Church, followed by cremation at Taunton Deane Crematorium, was conducted by the Rev Craig Marshall.

Later in the day Harold’s ashes were scattered in with his late wife Dorothy and daughter Denise at Spaxton Churchyard.

A tribute to Harold was made at the church service by Mr John Merchant, a long standing family friend.

Bearers were John Knight, Garth Hill, Adam Russell, Ben Knight, Paul Cave, and Martin Tully who Harold had skittled with for many years.

Family mourners: Adrian Burland and Melissa Price (son and partner); Luke and Ben Price (Melissa’s sons); Gweneth and John Bellinger, Sheila and Bernard Ingram, Doreen and Michael Harris (sisters and |

brothers-in-law); David and Lyn Caddick, Janet and Ben Tyson, Carol Webb (also representing Brian Webb) (sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law); Hilda and Roly Stark, Ricky Burland (also rep Margaret Nurton), Duncan and Gillian Bellinger (also rep Ian and Natasha), Keith and Kim Bellinger, Nicola and Anthony Richards, Steven and Debbie Harris (also rep Lucy and Katie), Gary and Sarah Caddick, Mark Caddick, Rachel Stark, Tracy and Samuel Pike (also rep Darren Pike), Fiona Burland (also rep Sophie), Simon Burland, Scott Bellinger, Carly Bellinger, Adam Richards (nieces and nephews); Nesta and Phillip Slee, Dennis and Ruth Pike, Mr and Mrs C.

Bartlett, Stan Parsons (also rep Mavis Parsons), Wendy Want and family, Norman Parsons (also rep Mary Parsons and family), Tony and Julie Bartlett, Roger and Audrey Dubridge, Mr and Mrs G. Bartlett (cousins).

Other mourners: Mr and Mrs John Merchant; Jane and Simon Stratton; Garth and Angie Hill (also rep Debbie and Joanne); Mr and Mrs John Knight; Ben Knight; Martin Tully; Nick James; Marian Villis (also rep Jim Caddick, father-in-law); Chris and Tina Bateman; Lyn Harris; Richard and Emily Rowe; Joyce and Vic Squires; President Bridgwater Skittle League, Smiler; Noel and Margaret Bellinger; Clair Floyd; Austin James MFH; Mr and Mrs I. Habberfield; Mr Ray Stanlake; Mr and Mrs Ebsary and family (also rep Jane Fear and Mary Balley); Mel Griffith (also rep Joyce Griffith); Gary Griffith; Mr and Mrs G. Hoyal; Steve Willis (also rep Jackie Willis and Mike Merret); Ron and Ken Wilkins (also rep Knowle Inn skittle team); Phillip Coles; Mr and Mrs D. Smith; Adrian Inchley; Ray Comer; Ray Styles (Castle Hill); Stephen Ford (also rep Sue Compton); Andrew Brown; Dennis and Joyce Brown; Paul Cave; Adam Russell; Phillip and Shirley Marshall; Phillip Feltham; Leslie Evans; Peter and Barry Dobson; Darren and Kirsty Stark (also rep Donna and Huseyin Aydrin); Tony Berry MFH (also rep family); Phil Popham and Jo Popham (also rep Kay Sheildo); Claire Bennett; Glanda and Janet Fry; Melvey Stark (also rep Shirley); John Smith (also rep drivers at Castle Hill Quarry); Mr and Mrs David Tottle; Christopher Barr; Geoff and Edwin White (also rep Catherine); Mike and Joyce Carver (also rep Mathew and Amanda); Peter Hill; John Barham; Brian and Linda Robinson (also rep A.

Guilding); Mr and Mrs G. Rossiter; Mr and Mrs A. Hucker; Gladys Speed (also rep Sarah); Andrew and Tracey Speed; E. M. Ingram; David and Julie Smith; Bruce and Di Porter; Gary Porter; Nichola Rich and family (also rep L.

and W. Biffen); Laura McCoy (nee Stancombe) (also rep Mr and Mrs M.

Stancombe); Mike Ingram; Arthur Barrow (also rep Pauline); Julie Long; Brian Thomas (also rep Andrew and Jilly); Clive Hill (also rep M. Beebe); Chris Stark and Phillis Stark and family; Andrew and Geraldine Phelps (also rep Ken Coleman); Christopher and Rosalyn Coner; Jean Deacon (also rep family); Mary and Michael Aveyard; Mark and Sharon Carver; Ann Powell; Terry Russell (also rep Doreen and family); John and Pam Huxtable; Pat Wilson (also rep Graham and M.

Stevens); Dave Coles; Janet Coles (also rep Ben Parish); W. Burland (also rep Gladys); James Coulson (also rep Andrew and Grace); Daen Fawn (also rep Stuart); Robert and Sally Rowe (also rep Mr and Mrs John Rowe); Ben Bartlett (also rep Quantock Staghounds and Point-to-Point Committee); Sharon Hill (also rep Shirley and Gordon Thorne and Shirley Gunningham); Phillip Roberts (also rep Mrs Roberts); Peter White; Hazel Hubbard; Peter Williams (also rep Ann and family); Peter Lloyd (also rep Lou and family); Ken Popham; Gillian Rigby and Darren; Ann Webber (also rep Bill); Pete Prole; Mrs Pat Hawker (also rep Mr and Mrs M. Chidgey); Miss Venechia Hawker; Glyn Richards; Pat and Gerald Hill; Sally Barrington (also rep Kit); Mr and Mrs S. Price; Laura and James Young; Dave Webber; Sarah Inglis (also rep Toby Wheeler and James Shearing).

Adrian and Melissa wish to thank everyone who attended to pay their last respects to Harold, for all the cards, kind letters of sympathy and for the donations received in his memory, which to date is £1,079. Our thanks also go to Geoffrey and Sarah Granfield for all the kindness and support they gave us in our sad loss. Apologies if any names are missing. Please accept this as our personal acknowledge, thank you.


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