TWO Bridgwater men have been fined hundreds of pounds between them after holding a rowdy birthday party.

Chris Brislin, 29, and Karlis Pujats, 20, admitted being drunk and disorderly on November 17 at an address in Queen’s Road.

Sedgemoor Magistrates’ Court heard Brislin, from Rhode Lane, swore at police after they were called out to the noisy event.

Brislin, representing himself, said: “I was drunk, it was my birthday and they threw a party.”

Pujats, who also represented himself, added: “Maybe there was a little bit to much drink and everybody was noisy.”

The court heard Pujats, from Queens Road, had previously been reported for drunk and disorderly behaviour and had an outstanding fine of £350 from a motoring conviction in July.

Brislin was ordered to pay a total of £220 and Pujats £250, plus his outstanding fines.

The chairman of the bench said: “It was an expensive birthday”