A WOMAN whose children’s Christmas presents were stolen during a spate of burglaries in Cannington has launched a crime prevention campaign.

Amanda Saunders, 34, was devastated when tools and wrapped presents worth about £1,500 were taken from the garden shed last month (November), as reported in The Mercury.

She says she wishes she had been aware of the other thefts in the village and is still waiting to see if the insurance will cover the cost. Now she is taking action to help stop other people being burgled.

She said: “I think we could have been better informed about the burglaries in the area. If we’d have known, we may have taken preventative action – such as securing lights and a shed alarm.

“I’m venting my frustration by trying to help other people going through what we went through.”

She is informing people in the area about the crimes and measures they can take by knocking on doors and talking to businesses and the local school.

Cannington Primary School has agreed to hold an evening where children can register their property.

Amanda added: “If more people know they can be more careful about deterring crime. You can register your property for free and then there’s no quibble when it comes to proving your property to the insurance.”

Cannington Parish Council clerk David Hackley said posters warning of a spate of burglaries in the area were put up on their notice boards as soon as they received them from police.