BRIDGWATER College opened its facilities to students from Loughborough as part of an Action Based Training programme.

Sixteen undergraduate students from the Lancashire University travelled to the college’s Cannington Activity Centre, to spend four days living on-site and working on a village rescue simulation.

The Loughborough undergraduates, who are studying to become quantity surveyors, construction managers and surveyors, were challenged with constructing an access road, building a bridge and laying a water pipe to supply running water to a simulated cut off village. 

Leon Troake, activity centre manager, said: “This is the first joint project between Loughborough University and Bridgwater College, where aspiring civil engineers get hands on experience of running real life construction projects. We hope to build on the success of this programme and continue providing Action Based Training to benefit businesses through team building.”

The team were provided with equipment, materials, plant and drivers, with the rest left up to the project team to manage the build. 

The visit included a trip to Hinkley Point C, the site of EDF’s proposed new nuclear power station.

Bruce Wright, senior tutor for the School of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough University said: “I found the course very beneficial to the development of the students.  As the course progressed their confidence grew in their own abilities and decision making skills.”