TEACHERS at Chilton Trinity School are taking to Twitter to teach students and improve their learning.

The school says Twitter can be used to communicate with students, celebrate their successes, aid in revision and set challenges.

Maths and English teachers are starting to set challenges that students can carry out online and in the classroom.

Head of maths Peter Stone said: "This is an exciting development. We want to get more children signed up so each day they can be encouraged, given challenges and to give them feedback on maths lessons and problems.

"We feel we can use this to aid revision at GCSE exam time, and to encourage and motivate throughout the year.

"Twitter is a phenomenal tool to help motivation, communication and learning. We are in the midst of a communications revolution.

“So many students are on Twitter and we want to use the technology in a positive way."

Teachers are also aiming to communicate with parents by sending them newsletters.