BRIDGWATER Chamber of Trade chairman Steve Leahy has told the Mercury he has mixed feelings over this afternoon’s Budget announcement.

Some of the measures announced by Chancellor George Osborne at today’s Budget include the reduction of corporation tax to 23% over the next four years and a 1p cut in fuel duty.

Mr Leahy said: “The reduction of corporation tax is good for small businesses but this has not gone far enough for my liking.

“The fuel increase has been stopped in its tracks but one of a number of negatives for small businesses at the moment is the cost of fuel and the cost of transport.

“There are a few positives but it’s not the dramatic budget we were looking for.

“People setting up new businesses need a little more help and he could have gone a lot further in terms of rate relief.

“I don’t think the Budget will stop people from setting up businesses but they won’t be as encouraged as they should be.”