ASDA says lorries going to and from its Bridgwater store from as early as 5am each day will not make noise levels much worse for people in the nearest homes.

The supermarket chain has applied to Sedgemoor District Council to remove a condition which prevents lorry deliveries at its store off East Quay between 11pm-7am.

Asda says the nearest homes, in Church Street, are 60 yards east of the store’s service yard, where the lorries load and unload.

It says it has carried out surveys which suggest noise levels from 5am-7am would only be a few decibels higher with deliveries taking place.

In a statement, Asda said: “We would conclude lorry deliveries between 5am and 7am would have a marginal adverse impact.”

It says the deliveries would be for chilled vehicles and bread lorries.

Asda adds: “The Asda HGV chilled vehicles are to be unloaded fully within the enclosed warehouse area, with the shutter door closed as soon as the vehicle is inside the warehouse and not re-opened until the lorry is ready to leave.”

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