THESE weird and wonderful animals were just some of the beasts on display at the Sedgemoor Auction Centre near Bridgwater.

The Rare and Native Breeds Show was a chance for farmers and breeders to showcase some of the more unusual animals in their stables.

Sula Gibbard, who helped organise the event said: “A lot of people turned up with stock and there was a lot of support. Many people said they would come back next year.”

Every animal at the auction was a pure breed, rare, or traditional breed which means businesses could know the pedigrees of the animal and exactly where they came from.

Richard Broad, South-West field officer for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, said: “We're trying to start an approved rare breed sale with Greenslade Taylor Hunt.

“It's been a very successful pedigree sheep, pig and poultry sale. We had the best part of 300 sheep, featuring 15 breeds, a small number of pigs and around 500 lots of pure breed poultry.” Organisers are hoping to hold another event next year.

For more information visit or call Sula on 07818-431548.