A HUSBAND says nuisance neighbours blaring out music at all hours have made his and his wife's life “a living hell”.

Lorry driver Steve Gaylard, 45, says he has spent several thousands of pounds sound proofing his home to drown out the house and garage music from another house in Polden Street, Bridgwater.

On Friday, police and environmental health officers swooped on a property in Polden Street and seized stereo equipment and TVs after receiving complaints and gaining a warrant.

Mr Gaylard told the Mercury yesterday: “There were about ten PCs and PCSOs and they came out with all kinds of hi-fi equipment.

“There have been problems here for a long time but it's got worse since June. “They play house and garage music really loud. It's all times of day and night.

“I find it really difficult to stay awake. I've always got a couple of boxes of Pro Plus (a caffeine tablet) and about ten cans of Red Bull in my bag.

“My wife has also been affected. It's been a living hell.”

Mr Gaylard welcomed the action taken by police and environmental health officers but he is not convinced the problem has gone for good.

He said: “I slept for 12 hours last night. It was heaven, but I'm not holding my breath that the problem has gone away.”

Sedgemoor District Council said it obtained a warrant because the occupants of the home had breached Noise Abatement Notices.

A council spokesman said: “The residents were cautioned by the Environmental Health Officers and now also face prosecution for the breaches of the Noise Abatement Notices served.

“In all cases, if the evidence is available, then the Pollution and Public Health Team will take all action necessary to resolve problems with nuisance neighbours including seizing equipment and prosecution of those concerned.”