A COUPLE from Puriton have celebrated 65 years of marriage with family and friends.

Dorothy and Mark Clifford, both 88, enjoyed a special celebration lunch and then had a visit from family from as far away as Germany.

Dorothy said: “We met when we were five at primary school. Mark went off in the Navy and I stayed at home in the Land Army. We met at a dance and danced together and started courting after that.”

When asked what the secret to a long marriage was Dorothy said: “You have to be happy with each other. He was always there for me.”

Daughter Linda Mason told the Mercury the couple, both from Liverpool originally, have four children and seven grandchildren.

She added: “It’s amazing to have made it to 65 years. My father worked for an agricultural animal feed company in Liverpool and they started a factory at Dunball. My parents came down there in 1949.”