A PENSIONER who lived to 108 attributed the secret of her long life to walking on the Quantocks.

Mary Tyler, from Nether Stowey, passed away peacefully at the Oak Trees Nursing Home earlier this month.

Sarah Reynolds, deputy manager of Oak Trees, said: “Mary had a lot of character. She was deeply religious and close to her God.

“She also loved to sing and read poetry.

“She would sing at the dining room table, just break into song, and all the other residents would join in.

“She had a lot of friends and her family visited her a lot. They were very supportive.”

Mary said her long life was down to fresh air and walking her dogs on the Quantocks until late in life.

Mary and her husband, Albert, had two children, who she outlived.

The couple retired to Nether Stowey in 1960 where Mary attended Stogursey Church and the local branch of the Women’s Institute.

Albert died in 1987 and Mary lived independently until 106 before eventually moving to Oak Trees.