A COUPLE from Durleigh marked their diamond wedding anniversary with a party with family and friends.

Philip and June Mead celebrated 60 years of marriage at their home and shared a cake, specially made for the occasion by June, with their guests.

June, 81, said: “We must have got something right to have been married so long. I take care of the house and he looks after the four acres of garden.

“I made a cake especially for the party, soaked with brandy, to celebrate.”

Philip, 83, explained how they met. He said: “We met in the local authority canteen 61 years ago. I remember it well.

“We met up again at the NALGO dance which was a thing held every year for industry workers. She was a librarian and I was an engineer so we both went.

“After that we began courting, going to the pictures as people did back then.”

The couple have two children and three grandchildren.