SKATERS and BMX bikers have relaunched a campaign to establish a skatepark in Bridgwater.

Nine young people attended a meeting at Bridgwater Town Hall to elect new committee members for the Bridgwater Skatepark Campaign.

Skater Alex Hunt, 18, was voted new chairman with BMX biker Sam James, 17, and skater Jack Bridges, 17, as vice-chairs.

The group discussed 20 possible locations for the new facility including Bridgwater’s YMCA, which recently asked for other locations to be considered before its own.

Cllr Brian Smedley, who was tasked with completing the site survey, said: “It allows us time to make sure all possible sites have been properly investigated – including the YMCA.”

It was agreed that half of the suggested sites should be investigated as potential locations for the facility.

Jack, vice-chair, said: “We need to get on with this because it's been going on too long now.

“The YMCA were talking about having this delivered by the end of this year if we reengaged with them. If none of the others come back to us then we should approach the YMCA.”

Options now include the YMCA, Victoria Park, Eastover, Brewery Field, Fairfield, Bristol Road, Coronation Park, Hamp Park, Northgate car parks and Homberg Way.

Alex, chairman, added: “We should allow the independents a month or two to reply, then have another meeting two months from today and if we haven’t got anywhere we’ll look at the YMCA. A skatepark with restrictions is better than no skatepark.”

Sedgemoor District Council has a skatepark budget of £110,000, plus £20,000 from Bridgwater Town Council.

Cllr Smedley added: “I would welcome any suggestions of possible sites. With the cooperation of the Skatepark Campaign, ward councillors and town and district officers, the committee can determine where best to spend the money.”

The group estimated to have made a decision by mid-July, following a meeting at the YMCA early next month. To contribute to the survey email