A GYM which specialises in supporting people with learning difficulties and mental health problems has been saved from closing.

Martin Darlington, who ran the Enterprise Centre Gym, based in Northgate, Bridgwater, was given notice to relocate along with other businesses based at the site, which is being redeveloped by Tesco.

The gym catered for individuals with mental health problems and learning difficulties who need a safe and secure environment, so finding a new location was a challenge.

Garry Toms, managing director of Drove House Health and Exercise Rehabilitation Centre, stepped in and offered Martin a trial period for hosting his services there.

Now Garry and Helen Palmer of Drove House have agreed to make it a permanent arrangement with Martin.

Garry said: “Not being relocated meant these individuals would not have a safe and secure environment in which they could remain active and healthy with other people who have become part of their lives. For many, this would be devastating.”

He added: “I have known Martin for almost 30 years and I know how dedicated and professional he is with regards to his clients.

“Martin does this job for the pure reward of seeing his clients with a smile on their faces and having a positive and healthy outlook. I know only too well what it is like to have your business taken from you through no fault of your own.

“I did not hesitate to call Martin and welcome his clients to be part of Drove House. We look forward to a successful future.”

Martin said: “I am so grateful to both Garry and Helen for giving my clients the opportunity to continue with their training.

“I know how much this means for them to be able to exercise in an environment that suits all their needs, alongside our members.”