NEARLY £3million has been secured to help protect people in Cannington from flooding.

The Environment Agency announced this week work would begin in the next financial year on 93 schemes nationwide, ranging from £250,000 projects to one costing more than £80million.

They include a £2.77million project for Cannington, and a £320,000 scheme on the River Brue at West Huntspill.

Paul Gainey, from the Environment Agency, said: “We inherited the existing Cannington flood scheme from the local authority, but until recently we were unable to deliver it because of funding constraints.

“It's a substantial piece of work, which will start in early 2014.

“Flooding in Cannington is caused by a combination of surface water and river flooding.

“Improvements are going to include increasing the capacity of the flood channel, looking at flood storage and individual properties.

“The River Brue is also quite an important project.

“It's about making sure the water levels remain constant throughout the year by making ditches bigger.”

Mr Gainey said people whose properties are not being protected by a specific flood defence scheme can apply for money towards things such as flood doors, flood gates and air brick covers, through the Wessex Property Level Protection Programme.

Richard Cresswell, the Agency's South-West director, said: “This money will go a long way in making communities more resilient, and protecting them from the effects of flooding which we know can be devastating.”